Horse Blinkers


Blinkers are common horse racing accessories that are placed on either side of a horse's eyes. Often attached to a bridle, racing blinkers for horses are designed to restrict their field of view to the rear and to the side. This encourages the horse to focus on what is in front of it, preventing it from being spooked by spectators or experiencing other distractions. The biggest advantage of these racing blinkers is that they allow the horse to focus on the race, helping to increase its racing performance.

At Mittys, we are proud to offer blinkers for race horses that are designed to maximise their potential and performance. Easily to fit and just as easy to remove, they are available in a range of colours for you to choose from. For those who like their horses well groomed, Mittys can even produce blinkers to match your racing colours. Our horse blinkers for sale can give you the winning edge you need while ensuring that your horse looks its best.

Reasons to Buy Racing Blinkers from Mittys

There are many reasons why you should shop with Mittys for racing blinkers for horses:

  • We use the latest technologies and techniques to produce the highest quality products
  • We pride ourselves on our impeccable attention to detail so you can be sure there won't be any issues
  • We offer 100% money back guarantees as well as Australia-wide deliveries
  • We boast strong partnerships with local and national horse racing organisations to deliver the best results

Discover Our Horse Blinkers for Sale Today

Choose Mittys for racing blinkers for horses and more. Browse our range of horse blinkers for sale below and contact us today for more information. Simply call us on 1800 337 696 or (03) 8413 6610. Alternatively, you can message us online and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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